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Cómo estudiar sus tarjetas

Teclas de Derecha/Izquierda: Navegar entre tarjetas.tecla derechatecla izquierda

Teclas Arriba/Abajo: Colvea la carta entre frente y dorso.tecla abajotecla arriba

Tecla H: Muestra pista (3er lado).tecla h

Tecla N: Lea el texto en voz.tecla n


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Sound Out
Intentar ver las opiniones o intenciones de alguien

I don't trust the new employee, we should sound him out.
Write Down
Tomar nota

Please write down what I am going to tell you.
Fade Away
Desaparecer, debilitarse

The pain will fade away in a couple of days.
Hit On
Descubrir por accidente

We hit on a better way to get to the station by taking a wrong turn.
Mark Up
Aumentar un precio para reventa

Jay bought a ticket for the concert and then marked it up for resale.
Pick On
Elegir a alguien para hacer una broma, meterse con alguien

All the tough guys used to pick on Tim when he was in school.
Rub Out

Write it in pencil so you can rub out and write again if necessary.
Stay In
Quedarse en casa

I feel a bit under the weather, I think I'll stay in.
Die Out

There are lots of species that will die out if we don't care for them.
Drum Into
Enseñar por repetición

I remember the teacher drumming the past tenses into us.
Reckon On

I reckon on thirty more guests for the party, how much will it cost?.
Sit Out / Through
Permanecer sentado

If you've finished the exam, please sit out until everybody finishes.
Tune In

Let's try to tune in that station Jenny has recommended.
Have Around / Round
Tener cerca, contar con , invitar a

We could have Sarah and George around for Christmas, don't you think?.
Look Out
Tener cuidado -Look out with that dog, its seems to be a fierce one.

For - esperar, estar al tanto At the office Harry is always looking out for every detail.
Pull Off
Llevar a cabo, lograr

Patrick's plan for saving the company will be hard to pull off.
Set Off
Provocar, desencadenar, hacer estallar- The sound of the bell set off the bomb but fortunately nobody was near.

Salir de viaje- We'll be setting off on Monday, you can call me back on Saturday.
Turn Away
No dejar entrar Please turn away all the new visitors, there's no more room.

Volver la espalda o la mirada- Pam was so embarrassed at what she saw that she turned away.
Carry Off
Ganar un premio

Arthur has carried off lots of prizes in the swimming competitions he took part in.
Eke Out
Usar algo lentamente o cuidadosamente porque no queda mucho

We might be here for a long time, we should eke the food out.
Lay Out
Arreglar- All the costumes were laid out for each act.

Preparar para un motivo o evento en particular -Please lay out the information to show it to the lawyer.

Proveer un plan o diseño detallado- It was Susan who laid out the plans for my new house.
Pay Back
Devolver algo que se debe -I will pay the money back on Monday, I promise.

Vengarse- Oliver wants to pay Kate back for what she said about his girlfriend.
Face Up To
Enfrentarse -Fireman often have to face up to very hard experiences.

Admitir, aceptar- Sooner or later Sarah will have to face up to the truth.
Pack Up
Preparar cosas para un viaje-vacaciones, empacar- Jack has already packed his clothes up, he's leaving on Monday.

Dejar de trabajar- Cecil was so angry with her boss that she packed up and left.

Dejar de funcionar- I'm afraid I can't lend you the drill, it has packed up.
Sleep In
Dormir mucho, quedarse dormido

The alarm clock failed to ring and Paul slept in.
While Away
Pasar el tiempo de manera agradable.

We whiled away all night watching suspense movies.
See Off
Despedir, derrotar

We all came to see Donald off and wish him the best of luck.
Break Into
Entrar a robar, allanar

Last night the police broke into a house looking for drugs.
Run Across
Tropezarse con, encontrarse con

I was doing the Christmas shopping when I ran across an old friend of mine.
Pass Back

You can keep the book, but I need you to pass it back in a month.