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Teclas Arriba/Abajo: Colvea la carta entre frente y dorso.tecla abajotecla arriba

Tecla H: Muestra pista (3er lado).tecla h

Tecla N: Lea el texto en voz.tecla n


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used to
used to refers to something that you regularly did in the past but don't do anymore.
preguntas simples con used to
did you use to collect things?
yes, i used to collect comic books.
no, i didn't use to collect anything.
but now i collect art.
preguntas wh- con used to
what sports did you use to play?
i used to play baseball and volleyball.
i never used to play sports, but now i play tennis.
expressions of quantity with count nouns
there are too many cars.
there should be fewer cars.
we need more subway lines.
there aren't enough buses.
expressions of quantity with noncount nouns
there is too much traffic.
there should be less pollution.
we need more public transportation.
there isn't enough parking.
wh- questions with be
where is the nearest atm?
whre are the restrooms?
indirect questions
could you tell me where the nearest atm is?
do you know where the restrooms are?
wh- questions with do
how often do the buses run?
what time does the bookstore open?
indirect questions
can you tell me how often the buses run?
do you know what time the bookstore opens?
wh- questions with can
where can i catch the bus?
indirect questions
do you know where i can catch the bus?
evaluations with adjetives
apartments aren't big enough for families.
apartments are too small for pets.
evaluations with nouns
apartments don't have enough parking spaces.
houses cost too much money.
comparisons with adjectives
houses aren't as convenient as apartments.
houses are just as convenient as apartments.
Comparisons with nouns
apartments have just as many rooms as houses.
aparments don't have as much privacy as houses.
use wish+past tense to refer to present wishes
i live with my parents.
i wish i didn't live with my parents.
i wish i had my own aparment.
i can't move out
i wish i could move out.
live is difficult
'' for the verb be, were is used with all pronouns after wish.''
i wish it were easier.
i wish it weren't so difficult.
my parents won't stop worryng about me.
i wish they would stop worryng about me.
sequence adverbs
first, mix the peanut butter and banana together.
then, toast the slices of bread.
next, spread the mixture on the toast.
after that, put the sandwich in a pan with butter.
finally, fry the sandwich until it's brown on both sides.
future with be going to and will

use be going to + verb for plans you've decided on.
what are you going to do?
i'm going to relax at the beach.
we are going to go surfing every day.
i'm not going to do anything special.
future with be going to and will

use will + verb for possible plans before you've made a decision.
what are you going to do?
i'm not sure. i guess, i'll just stay home.
maybe i'll watch some movies.
i don't know. i'll think i'll go camping.
i probably won't go anywhere.
describing necessity
you must have a driver's license.
you need to be or over.
you have to get a passport.
you don't have to get vaccinations.
giving suggestions
you'd better avoid the stalls on the estreet.
you ought to pack a first-aid kit.
you should try some local specialities.
you shouldn't carry a lot of cash.
two-part verbs with nouns
turn down the tv.
turn the tv down.
pick up your things
pick your things up.
two-part verbs with pronouns
turn it down
pick them up
request and responses
please turn down the music.
ok, i'll turn it down.
pick up your clothes, please.
all right, i'll pick them up.
request with modals

modal+simple form of verb
can you turn the music down?
could you close the door, please?
would you please take your garbage out?
request with would you mind
would you mind.......+gerund.
would you mind turning the music down?
would you mind closing the door, please?
would you mind not putting your garbage here?
clean up
hang up
pick up
put away
take out
throw out
turn off
turn on
i use my computer to send e-mails.
some people use computers to play games
computers are often used to watch movies.
i use my computer for sending e-mails.
some people use computers for playing games.
computers are often used for watching movies.
imperatives and infinitives for giving suggestions
be sure to press these keys.
make sure to save your work
remember to back up your files.
don't forget to include my favorite songs.
try not to be late for the party.
relative clauses of time
thanksgiving is a day when we celebrate the harvest.
february 14 is the day when people give cards to the ones they love.
new year's eve is a night when i have fun with my friends.