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Cómo estudiar sus tarjetas

Teclas de Derecha/Izquierda: Navegar entre tarjetas.tecla derechatecla izquierda

Teclas Arriba/Abajo: Colvea la carta entre frente y dorso.tecla abajotecla arriba

Tecla H: Muestra pista (3er lado).tecla h

Tecla N: Lea el texto en voz.tecla n


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Warm Up
Calentar Don't worry, my mother has already warmed the room up.

Reanimarse- The news of her being out of danger warmed Michael up.
Go Without
Prescindir de, arreglárselas

You will have to go without me, I can't go with you this time.
Get Off
Dejar, librarse -Nina needs medical help to get off drugs.

Aprender algo de memoria- My son has problems to get off the multiplication tables.
Set Back
Retrasar -My computer's got a virus and that's set back my thesis.

Costar- Anyone can see that the ring must have set George back a fortune.
Keep Back
Contener, retener, ocultar -Joe ha estado comportándose raro, me está ocultando algo.

Retrasarse- Kate and John have kept back, they stopped to buy some food.

From - alejarse- Keep back from the edge! You might fall!
Inquire Of
Buscar información sobre

The teacher asked us to inquire of Greek myths.
Inquire Of
Buscar información sobre

The teacher asked us to inquire of Greek myths.
Level Off
Dejar de subir

I wonder when the prices will level off.
Round Off
Finalizar- George rounded off his speech by thanking his brothers.

Redondear- It's $23.15, but let's round it off at $23.
Fall To
Corresponderle a alguien hacer algo

Making the cake falls to Mary, I prepare the invitations.
Go Over
Examinar, repasar -I think there must be a mistake, why don't we go over the sums?

Acercarse- If you can't see from here you can go over to Peter's side.

To - pasarse a, ir a- If you prefer, we can go over to Mexico. For me it's the same.
Let Out
Poner en libertad, dejar salir- Let me out of here or I'll tell mum you broke her glasses!

Contar, revelar- Don't worry, I won't let your secret out.
Knock Out
Derrotar a alguien en una competencia -Thomas has knocked Tess out in the chess tournament.

Poner fuera de combate- It was a hard fight, but the famous boxer knocked his opponent out.
Save Up

Michael is saving up money to buy Eliza a beautiful bunch of roses.
Work Up
Despertar- The bride's speech worked up the emotion of the guests.

Estudiar en detalle- You have to work up all the book before using this machine.

To - avanzar gradualmente- After many boring pages, the book works up to the development of the story.
Get After
Perseguir- Paul's getting after Jimmy because they're playing hide-and-seek.

Estar continuamente pidiéndole a alguien que haga algo o estar continuamente diciéndole cómo hacer algo- Tony is always getting after me about how to solve my problems.
Go Back
On - volverse atrás en, incumplir- You said you'd come to the party, you can't go back on your promise.

Over - examinar o pensar en algo de nuevo o una vez que haya sucedido-
You'll have to go back over the exercise, the result doesn't match.

To - datar -This building goes back to 1910. Pretty old, isn't it?

To - recordar- The detective asked Helen to go back to the day of the murder.

To - volver a tener una relación romántica con alguien- Pam would never go back to Tom. She's to proud.
Order In / Out
Pedir que te lleven comida a tu casa

I don't feel like cooking tonight, I'll order some Chinese food in.
Settle Down

Don't worry, the children will settle down sooner than you think.
Sort Out

Let's sort out everything before Lisa arrives.
Tell Off

Henry has been told off because of his bad behaviour in class.
Work In
Introducir -The assistant worked in a few comments during the speech.

With - encajar- I think Jenny's remarks don't work in with what we are discussing.
Call Over
Llamar a alguien para que vaya donde tú estás, generalmente para hablarles o mostrarles algo

Peter called his family over to come and meet his newboorn baby.
Take Back
Devolver, retomar, retirar

Take back that book as soon as possible, many students need it.
Draw In / Into
Llegar (un tren)

The train drew into the station at two o'clock.
Fool Around
Pasar el tiempo haciendo nada útil

Tom is always fooling around in bars with his friends.
Luck Out
Tener suerte inesperadamente

I lucked out for the first time in my life and won the lottery.
Muster Up

You have to muster up the courage and tell Monica you love her.
Pick Up
Levantar -Once you finish playing, pick up the toys so I can clean the room.

Recoger- Pick up as many lemons as you want, the tree is full of them.

Pasar a buscar- Get ready, we will pick you up in a minute in Frank's car.

Recuperar la fuerza- Thanks to the treatment, Martha has picked up amazingly.
Send For
Pedir enviar

I can't go to the shop now, will you send somebody for the boxes?.
Bring To

James came to the hospital unconscious, but the doctors brought him to.